The immersive digital real estate experience

Create beautiful digital brochures of your property in a high-quality, interactive iPad application

Rich Multi-Media iPad

Showcase your real estate development in a compelling, easy to use iPad application.  Combine videos, 360 degree vistas, floor plans, detailed information and imagery into a single amazing journey

Cloud-based Digital Brochure

Seamlessly add, remove and update content ensuring your prospects and leads see the latest images, videos and floorplans for your property development

Built in Analytics

Measure how your clients are using the brochure immediately, evaluate which content is most compelling and track your most promising leads

360 Video and Variety of Content

Mix images, video and 360 panoramas to present your development in the best possible way to your clients. Integrate your web content such as inventory updates and incentives

Intuitive Customer Journey

Demonstrate the vision of your property using an organised and controlled customer journey as your clients navigate smoothly through the digital brochure

Intuitive User Experience

The beautifully crafted user interface enables your clients to explore your content in a seamless and engaging manner.

Rich Analytics

Rich data analytics enable you to monitor the most effective information, identify the content that engages most with your clients and can link to your CRM systems to assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Relevant content

Use the simple and non-technical interface of the content management system to drag and drop content, allowing you to make changes quickly and easily.

ResiVue helps you optimise the sales journey

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